[Keluo heart] ChromeHeart • s original single 925

[Keluo heart] ChromeHeart • s original single 925 silver cross head first layer of cowhide ladies bucket bag shoulder diagonal package k015. City retro fashion, cool family. Italy is the first layer of leather, 925 silver accessories. Low-key luxury. The middle of the middle of the 925 silver cross, after the bottom of the classic 925 silver volume LOGO. The first layer of leather weaving drawstring-style mouth, drawstring end 925 silver Gothic style silver caught. Keluo heart printed inside cloth, with a letter inside the zipper zipper hanging bag, Keluo heart 925 silver sword pull card, small hanging bag front three-dimensional car line relief cross, back Crow Volume LOGO imprint. Belt Buckle Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Belt Buckle Rear Scratch Bible Style “ChromeHearts” lettering. Material: Italy first layer of leather 925 silver Size: high 30cm bottom length 26cm bottom thickness 16cm

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