【Keluo heart】 chrome heart • s classic big backpack K006 👒

【Keluo heart】 chrome heart • s classic big backpack K006 👒 pure hand-woven inlaid large cross. 09 years to pay now has been there, Keluo heart to buy things are to see fate. Especially leather goods. Some only out of a batch or two did not sell. Basic out of print. Counter more than 5w. Not the average consumer can accept it. And often do not see hot money or classic models. Here you know all the details of this package. 5 sterling silver buckle a total of 50 sterling silver corns. Large cross 7.6 * 5cm size. Strap 83cm 190cm height of the pro can hold hold. The most important is the design of multifunctional pockets. Three buckle pocket. Keep your anti-theft system up to a level. size. 37 * 28 * 18 cm. Travel mountain climbing is suitable. Full leather section

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